Registration & Competition Information:-

  • Registration: entry form with 2 pass-port size photos together.
  • Competitiors under 18 years old – need custodian’s signature on the registration form.
  • Personal Preparation:

a)Safely equipment and protective wear.

b)Notify us your arrival date & time one week in advance for pick up arrangement.

c)Accidental injuries insurance.

d)Pocket size Dan certificate.

e)National flag (also table flag) and CD of national anthem.



  1. Please bring 3 country flags with you
  2. One flag should be 100×150 cm for hanging outside the building
  3. One flag size should be 150×225 cm for hanging inside the building
  4. One small flag of 15×22 cm size for standing with a 30 cm stand at the General Assembly table
  5. Also please bring 2 passport size photographs. These photos are required for your identification card
  6. Please bring a recording of your national anthem on a CD


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